moondancerdrake (moondancerdrake) wrote,

Thursday Thirteen # 42 “My Favorite moments on the View”

Recently I've seen a few episodes of the View that have reminded me not only why I am glad one of my fav actress/comedians is part of the show, but that I need to watch the View far more often.

13) Blowup On The View About Sarah Palin

12) Ellen On The View

11) Sherri Shepherd new co-host on "The View"

10) McCain vs. Obama Argument

9) Keith Olbermann On The View

8) The View: Prop 8

7) "The View" Whoopi Goldberg in XANADU (7/31/08)

6) Whoopi's first day on the View

5) Obama in the View



2) Michelle Obama on The View

1) Barack Obama Is Our President! [Part 1]

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