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Moon's addition to "Post-a-rejection-letter Friday!"

A couple gems for Post-a-rejection-letter Friday!

A past regection for the novel that is coming out this fall with PD Publishing. Keep in mind this is the final response I got after seven months of waiting and having few responses to my polite email enquiries. That's okay, the next publisher I sent it to couldn't say enough things about how much they liked it.

I apologize for the the extreme delay in the review of your manuscript. I truly enjoyed your submission, and I believe it has great potential. However, it did not pass review, each reviewer felt that the ending was not fleshed out enough. They felt as though the ending came right in the middle of the story. 

Here's one for anouther book that will be coming out through PD next year. The editor here was very nice about it, and I hope it might help others to not assume that because the publishers page says they sell something, that they actually want manscripts like it.

We have reviewed your submission and while we found the writing good and story line very well done, we feel that this story is not right for us. At this time, we are not accepting lesbian stories. Our readership has indicated that this genre isn't one they are looking for in a (publisher's name removed) book.
So there's a couple that I saved, though many I didn't. There was even one instance I never got through the door bcause I have one book cotracted with a publisher the editor said it would be a conflict of interest to even look at any of my other manuscripts. Honstly I am pretty happy at PD, so that's okay by me. :)

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