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Green Monday "Juicing"

I’ve been thinking, since I’ve got Nutrition on the mind I might share a bit with ya’ll on what I am learning about. Over several days of experimentation, this is how my experience with Juicing went.

It all started on Thursday…

I admit I hate veggies in general, but I know I have to eat more of them than I do. My other issue is when I am writing, if it’s not right there in front of me, I forget to eat all together. With the juices I can make them that morning while I get the kids to school, take my thyroid meds, and in the time it takes for me to clean up and get settle to right the juice is cooled and I am ready to work, juice in hand. Okay, that’s the theory anyways.

I could even make some the night before, but I have to wait an hour or so after I take my thyroid meds in the morning before I’m allowed to eat anything. And I need my meds even though I forget those half the time too. If I can get into a regular schedule of things, it will make all of it easier for my ADD brain.

What I’m thinking is I should start with a few simple recipes, give myself variety, but not so many I get confused. I’ve tried a few juice recipes at the local coop, so I know a few combinations I like. I’ll need some recipes for energy boost, immune boosts, etc… Any of you that are already juicing have fav recipes…and what are they best for? I’d like to get organic fruit and veggies for these, but my budget can’t really take the strain of everything being totally organic, so I’ll do the best I can. This spring I’m doing my garden and that will make things easier.

By that evening…

The first recipe they mention I’d wanted to try is carrot (4) (good for vit a,b,c & beta-carotene, and a ton of other good stuff) and asparagus (1/2 lb) (a, b1, folic), celery (4 ribs) (c, potassium, sodium), apple (2) (pectin reduces cholesterol), and (2 cups) spinach leaves (iron and everything else that is good and pure ;)).

Okay, it looked interesting (pg 47 of the Complete Idiots Guide to Juicing), so I thought might try some and see if I could get use to the taste, or even better, liked it right away. So Thursday last week I went to the store and gathered my supplies, braving the brand new Trader Joe in my area. Then I cleaned up the dusty juicer and gave it a whirl.

Okay, so I added less asparagus (1/4 of a lb maybe) and spinach (about a cup) then they asked for…it was looking soooo very green, but it’s not too bad. I’m gonna load it into the fridge and see how it is really cold.

Onto Friday……

Okay, cold it even tastes better. It’s strong, no doubt about that. I might need to fluctuate between this and something lighter. For the heck of it I’ve renamed the juice and here is my version of the recipe.

Gaia’s Garden Mix

4 carrots (cut of tops and wash)
2 celery (wash well)
10-12 asparagus spears (check for bruises)
I cup spinach leaves (washed)
3 apples (decore)

First cut veggies and fruit into juicable pieces, send ‘em through the blades, mix well and chill overnight. Not bad at all and very healthy. Makes around 2 ½ cups.

Introducing my next experiments. I’m thinking we go more for “early morning sunny refreshment” this time and less for “packed with vitamins”.  Just means I need to send the hubby for more variety of supplies to test out, but with all the snow falling in Milwaukee not sure if he can do tonight.

Later that night…

Well, we’ve finally braved the snow now that the storm is calm, and have come back with the goodies. There’s a carrot and strawberry juice that could be fun. It’s easy enough to make, you just alternate between the two through the juicer. How hard can that be? I wonder if this’d make a good slushy. Gonna experiment and see the way I like it before I write it down.

Okay, it took a bit of messing around since I lost my mind on the strawberries (I love fresh strawberries), but it’s pretty darn good. Gonna try it cold in the morning, but even warm by 4 year old loved it, and she is uber picky, hates carrots.

Willow’s Choice

6 carrots (good sized, cut off tops)
1 lb strawberries (cut off tops and bruised parts)

Mix and guard from children. If you’re making a family treat I say triple the recipe at least. :) Try mixed with soy milk or made into slushies (though it will loose some nutrients in the freezing), and tell me how it tastes. I will say this taste better fresh. Use in 24 hour or it starts to taste sour to me.

I also made a nummy looking combination that calls for carrots (3), beet (1/2), cucumber (1/2). This one looks like it might make less juice than the other did, but When I make it I’ll make the carrots and cucumber first, taste it, and then add the beets. I might even throw in a wee bit of ginger in this one too.

I found it at the Soyquick site along with several other interesting looking recipes. Also check out the cool soy and rice milk maker they have there. It looks easy to use. My b-day is coming up, time to poke the family. It should make them happy, first year I haven’t answer a question of “what do you want for you’re birthday” with an “I don’t know”

After the juice is made...

Okay, with a little taste testing, and my own changes, the juiced ended up it an interesting shade of red. They call it a purifier, I guess I’d be good for detoxing. It’s good for relaxation they say, without the beets. I might try that later. Here’s my variation.

Gentle Detox Juice

5 carrots (good sized, tops removed)
½ a small beet
1 cucumber (if you use organic no need to peel, if not, peel the waxy skin off)

It makes a little less than two cups. It’s a unique tasted, the beet are odd at first if you are not used to their flavor. The rest of the ingredients tone down the beets a lot to give you a chance to get use to them easier. I’m still struggling with the oddity of the taste myself, so this will likely be an “only when I need it” combo.

There are a few veggies that will never enter my juicer. No tomatoes, my body doesn’t seem to be able to handle nightshades any better than dairy, so no yogurt mixed in either. I hate cabbage and brussel sprouts equally, so no way on those either.


Oddly enough, Willow’s Choice (my daughter loves the name of course) is not as much to my taste cold as it is warm. Maybe I’ll be better to make it fresh and drink it right away. Other folks my feel differently, so if you decide to try it, play around.

Most of what I’ve made have carrots so I’m trying something different today. Freedom You has a brain stimulator recipe with one each of oranges, hard pears, grapefruit, apple, and yam. With the writing I have to do before the kids get up in the morning might give this one a try. Trouble is you have to go on a five day juice fast, and I don’t really drink coffee, or eat junk food, so I’m wondering how necessary the fast it. Well, at least I can try it to see if I like the taste of it anyways.


Okay, so I didn’t get the brain combo done until today, but I did finish off the beet and the strawberry mixes. I changed the recipe (you went surprised were you?) and ended up with the BEST tasting juice yet. Oh my Goddess it was soooo good even warm, all frothy and rich. I’m gonna try it cold as soon as it’s in the fridge long enough. This is not gonna last the day. I’ll make these more often. My kids liked them, especially my son.

Healthy Frothy Dessertilicious

2 orange (peel the outer skin)
2 apples (decore)
1 grapefruit (peel outer skin)
2 pears (decore)
1 yam (med sized, scrubbed)

Wow. Makes a whopping 4 cup, and you’ll need it when the kids get s taste.

Okay, one more today. One recipe at Harvest Essentials mentions juicing 3 oranges and then one cucumber. Hmmm that sounds kinda smooth. Gonna try that.  They also have basic juicing prep info there that is useful.

Well, it made nearly 4 cups when I used 5 oranges and 2 cucumbers. I really do need to get organic cucumbers next time so I can see what the taste is like when I juice them peels on. This is more yellow than the last one which was a nice orange, and a bit more sour, but not bad.

There are some things I might add to my fav combos later like bee pollen (protein, a,b,c, and e, as well as magnesium and calcium), flax seed oil (omega 3 fatty acids), wheat germ (protein and fiber), and perhaps even some soy protein.

Well, that’s it for my juicing diary, but I will continue trying new things and juicing everyday. If I find a new recipe (or create one) that I’d like to share, you’ll see it here first. I’ll leave you with a few other recipes I found in case you want to experiment too.

This one at Health Recipes mentions ginger, apples, peaches, and pears which might be interesting, but they have great nutritional info here too. Juicing Basics also has some useful info as well. I’m not sure the complete recipes work for me there, but it’s given me ideas or combos to play with just for fun.

In the end, if I do at least 16 oz of juicing a day, I’m still getting more fruits and veggies than I was before anyways. It all adds up.  It just means more regular trips for fresh produce at the store since it’s winter here. Summertime will be fun, lots of farm fresh veggies at the farmer’s markets.

I figure the transition is like this...

I eat better I have more energy

I have more energy; I get the house in order

I get the house in order; I have room and the extra emotional energy to exercise

I exercise and I loose enough girth to get back down to a healthy weight,
which in turn gives me more energy.

In the end I’ll maybe find recipes I like to make and eat,
and perhaps set a good example for my kids and get them to eat healthier too.

I’m off to drink a glass from the second batch of Gaia’s Garden that’s chilling in the fridge and see how the Healthy Frothy Dessertilicious slushie turned out. See ya’ll later.



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( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Jan. 1st, 2008 12:05 am (UTC)
Hi, I arrived here totally randomly, but having read your juicing post thought that I should mention something. You have a thyroid problem and use soy - just in case you didn't know (doctors never tell you), soy slows down the thyroid so it's better to avoid any soy products if you have a thyroid problem. Sorry if you already knew, I'll be on my way...
Jan. 1st, 2008 12:22 am (UTC)
Re: Soy
Thank you very much for the heads up. I've done some reasearch and medical sources seem torn on the subject. Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Todd Nippoldt, M.D says this about the effect of soy on hypothyroidism:

"There's no evidence that people with hypothyroidism should avoid soy. Standard treatment for hypothyroidism is synthetic thyroid hormone. Theoretically, it's possible that eating very large amounts of soy could impair your body's ability to absorb this medication. In such cases, signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism may persist despite treatment with synthetic thyroid hormone.

Certain foods, medications and supplements — such as high-fiber foods, iron and calcium supplements, and some antacids — may also affect absorption of thyroid medication. To avoid this problem, take your thyroid medication on an empty stomach and separate from such foods, medications and supplements.

If you take synthetic thyroid hormone, consult your doctor before starting any new diets, medications or supplements."

While other places causion the use of any soy if you have thyriod issues. I means I just have to look into it further before I add soy to my diet in any noticable ammount. Good thing that machine makes rice milk too. :)

Edited at 2008-01-01 12:24 am (UTC)
Jan. 1st, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)
One last update
I made a juice last night just for fun that my kids went gonzo over. Not from a recipies, but I just grabbed a few things and tossed them together.

2 apples
2 pears
3 carrots
2 small slices of ginger

I ended up making a second batch cause the kids liked this so much
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 2nd, 2008 03:49 am (UTC)
It is fun. It's been like an cooking and a science show in my house about everyday. I make my whole family try each mix to see what they do or don't like as well.
Jan. 3rd, 2008 08:17 pm (UTC)
sounds like so much hard work
I'll print this out...just in case I get inspired to actually do hard work juicing. Right now I basically drink a lotta water (probably chlorinated, alas, cause it's town water) and I put fruits in the freezer so I can use them as frozen snacks. Grapes works very well in this regard. I also buy frozen raspberries and blend them with water. And I make a hell of a lotta soups. Yeah, I know...kills a lotta enzymes. Hey, at least I'm eating fruits and veggies.

Other than that I just toss in canned this and frozen that into a blender. I'm especially in love with goat milk, molasses, and honey. Or coconut milk and pineapple. Or blueberry and yogurt.

But ....please, please, pleaaaase avoid soy. Even if you don't have a nut allergy. It's mucho dangerous. My friend Monya always says to avoid anything advertised on television...I totally agree. Soy is so pushed at us on TV that I became immediately suspicious of it.

It's also in so many of our foods and foods with MSG etc that we are probably well on our way to being allergic to it.

Jan. 4th, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC)
I donno about dangerous. I've always made my own Tofu from organic soy (local grown) when I was eating it that is. I mean anything is bad for you if you have too much, but I know lots of folks that are much heathier since they began to eat less meat and more soy. I donno if I'm ready for a totally vegan kick, but I doubt adding a bit in my diet for extra protien since I can't eat beef or pork as much as I used to will do me any harm.

I really hope I get the soyquick. You can make any bean or nut milk with it, and I was reading about oatmilk being the closest in taste to cows milk and a great substitute. I can't wait to start experimenting with that too. I'll for sure do a product review here. I can't even drink and 8 oz glass of cows milk nowadays without getting uber sick. it bites. I really hope I like the oat milk.
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )

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