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Still here :)

First couple weeks back to school have been crazy, but I got a lot done. Here’s a sneak peek at my hand puppet for my puppetry Indy Study. Can you guess who he is supposed to be? Soon as my professor gives him back (using him for promos) I'll take more pics to give hints :)

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Just so we are clear...

Yes, I still prefer to do ritual in Women-Only space when I can… but ONLY if ALL my sisters are allowed to be part of the work we do… not those deemed "women enough" by some. If this hurts some of the women I consider my spiritual family, I regret that, but I can't in all good conscience stand for polices that in my heart I feel are just wrong. It is not my place to tell my sisters how they should do ritual, but it is my right to chose where I stand.

Experiment - Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese

Today’s first experiment is a Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese with boka crumbles. For the most part is was easy enough, except when I got distracted and burned the bottom of the boka. *sighs* Bad ADD mommy. I added it anyways hoping the cheese would cover up the minor amounts of over brown bits. I think using some of the broth in brown will help as well. I also noticed the water in the cooker dried up fast when I checked, so I added about a cup more water so it could cook all the way. That seemed to work. Once the noodles seemed done and the cheese was all melty, I added canned peas and seasoning salt. When I handed a bowl of this to my son to try the first thing he said was “Is there any more?” which I took as a good sign. Later the rest of the family (ones not out of town) devoured the rest and asked me to make it again. Experiment successful.

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Activist Moon

On Break - Learning something new … "Making Pie Crusts" and Garlic Super Speed"

Break has begun. Those of you that know me, know I don't like to be idle. I also have been very bad abut blogging and want to get back into the habit. I've been missing my friends a lot since I've started back to school, plus thought it might be fun sharing what I am trying to learn over the winter break.  Today Ive been doing research of cooking techniques to make healthy dinners on a budget as well as stuff I can make ahead of time for school lunches/dinners for those long days on campus. I thought making savory tarts I could freeze and cook up later would be a good place to start, so I found these two vids I thought might be helpful. Note: the second vid is great but refused to embed properly on LJ so I had to use a link.

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Survived so far!

Well the first group of large prop items went into the rehearsal hall last night ON TIME. What a relief. Prop Master is a big job for a show this size, meaning I am in early...staying late...and there between my other classes... but as much work as it is I am still enjoying the challenge. I am still very, very glad I only took 13 credits this semester rather than my typical 16+.
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