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nihilistic_kid July 29 2014, 21:18

Out East

I am on the East Coast. O's parents are churchy, so we baptized the baby in their a United Methodist church, which takes about five minutes. (An Orthodox baptism ritual is both interminable and spectacular, with flames and threats of drowning, yeah!) Also, their whatevertheycallit was a woman, so there were calls for a do-over. Anyway, here is a photo from the party afterward.


I have a red-haired gray-eyed baby. Whodah thunk it?
elisem July 29 2014, 20:03

ArtLog: a tease of names (itty bitty last-minute Xeno's Packing Paradox edition)

Please note: when I get the photos edited, these will be added to this most recent New Shinies post, whose date I changed to get it closer to the front here. Thanks.

OK, here's a tease of names:

"Brewer's Arts"
"The Real Mountain"

"Grandmother's Arts"
"Message from the Strand"
"Waltz for Communications Satellites"

Will post 'em after I have some food. Wobbly now.
elfkat July 29 2014, 19:02

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lyda222 July 29 2014, 18:39

Tuesdays with Tate

Nana Spider speaks in riddles and rhymes, but Alex finally gets some vital information about her true nature: http://www.wattpad.com/62506189-unjust-cause-part-18-said-the-spider-to-the-dragon

That's right, folks, the newest installment is up on WattPad for your enjoyment.  It's a little shorter than usual.  My apologies.  But this morning was eaten up by Mason's "celebration" (read: faux graduation) from Elementary School.  Certificates were handed out, applause were applauded, and there was cake.  I had to laugh though, because martial arts has kind of ruined my child.  We haven't been to Kuk Sool in well over a year, but after all the belt ceremonies and whatnot, it's still very ingrained in Mason that you shake hands and then you bow.

So, there goes my child to shake the principal's hand and then he her offers her a bow.

Afterward, he kind of realizes he's done something a bit off, looks vaguely awkward, and yet, when his teacher hands him the certificate and shakes his hand, he does it again.

It was kind of cute, especially given that none of the kids of Asian descent did anything remotely like that.
jhetley July 29 2014, 18:19

Tuesday boring bicycle report

No new flowers to report -- lots of tansy and daisies and vetch and thistle, plus the damned loosestrife.  And no fresh roadkill.  That small raccoon has advanced to the fur and bone stage.  Cemetery pond is grown in solid with rushes and grass, so no wildlife visible.

Got out on the bike, wind turned to the north and increased as a crosswind on the out and back legs of my route, annoying.  But I did not die.

15.24 miles, 1:09:57
elisem July 29 2014, 17:14

wish me luck, a.k.a. possible incipient shinies

Am going to workbench to try to tag and photograph the last few things. If it works, will put them up immediately in the most recent New Shinies post (the one with all the druzy and opals and stuff).

Hands and wrists being very troublesome today, so might not work. Wish me luck, yah?

ETA: WIKTORY! They're up!

Now to rest and then pack more boxes. Xeno's Packing Paradox reigns.
marydell July 29 2014, 17:02

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lsanderson July 29 2014, 17:00

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scottynola July 29 2014, 16:20

Say You Love Me

I’ve been trying to reconstruct—or remember—how I first became interested in things that have become life-long obsessions for me: history, mysteries, geography, film stars from the past. The problem, of course, is that my memory is faulty; how many times have I been absolutely certain of something from my past, only to try to verify it and find out I’ve been remembering something wrong for over forty years? (And how depressing is it that I can now say I’ve remembered something wrong for over forty years?)

I’m behind on everything, as I always am—it’s quite disheartening, and apparently is the dominant theme of my life; my memoirs (should I ever write them) will undoubtedly be titled Can’t Ever Catch Up, or something similar—but here’s hoping sitting down, ignoring the cat’s ploys for attention, and pretending I am not hearing the sounds of construction as I try to focus. Perhaps I should start wearing headphones; piping music directly into my ears could take care of that problem. At least one would think, at any rate.

One can hope. I am really off-track with The Orion Mask.

I am also still reading Justice for Sara, and it’s driving me crazy that I don’t have enough time to sit down and read it through to the end.

Although I did discover recently that one of my absolute favorite history writers—Barbara Tuchman—not only didn’t have an advanced degree (master’s, doctorate) but she also did not have a degree in History at all! Bruce Catton didn’t even graduate from college! So, there apparently is no reason (other than time, and the ability to do the requisite research) that I can’t write popular histories. I’ve been toying for years with the notion of writing a book about the sixteenth century, a la Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror, called The Monstrous Regiment of Women, because the sixteenth century saw a remarkable amount of women in positions of power, or at least in positions to influence history, far more so than any previous century (although the fifteenth sort of previewed the sixteenth), and definitely more so than successive centuries. (Although the eighteenth—with dour regnant Tsarinas in Russia, Madame de Pompadour in France, and Maria Theresa running the Holy Roman Empire—saw a bit of a resurgence, but still not on the scale of the sixteenth.) England, for example, had two regnant queens in Mary I and Elizabeth I (a third in Lady Jane Grey, even if she only lasted for nine days); Henry VIII’s first two wives certainly had an enormous impact on English history; first Isabella and then her daughter Juana were regnant in Castile/Spain (and as Isabella’s marriage created Spain, Juana’s created one of the greatest empires of history); Anne of Brittany impacted French history, as did Catherine de Medici who was the true power behind the throne throughout the reigns of her sons, and her daughter Margot was also a queen of France; Maria of Hungary ruled as regent of the lowlands with an iron fist; Scotland was dominated by three women—Margaret Tudor, Marie de Guise, and Mary Queen of Scots—for much of the century.

I actually started writing an introduction to this book recently; the opening came to mind, and I started the document in order to not forget what was a great opening, and the next thing I knew I’d written three thousand words!

It’s a thought, anyway.

My friend Victoria thinks I should write a biography or a history of Huey Long, since I’m such a big fan; but really, Harry Williams already wrote the definitive biography of Governor/Senator Long. What might be interesting, though, would be to write a history of the unraveling of the Long legacy in Louisiana—and we shouldn’t forget that Huey’s brother Earl was a two-term governor, or that Huey’s son Russell was a long time senator from Louisiana.

Ah, well, interesting thoughts for a Tuesday morning.

And now, back to the spice mines.
gina_stormgrant July 29 2014, 16:05

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kalimac July 29 2014, 15:10

trailer critic: Hobbit part 3

Chapters 14-17 of The Hobbit are the darkest, most serious part of the story, and since they'll obviously be the center of Hobbit III, The Battle of the Five Armies (why the Five Armies?), it'll be the opportunity Peter Jackson has been waiting for to do what he does best, or, more accurately, to do what he does most.

I find little to poke fun at in the Part 3 trailer, unlike my reactions to the last one, but what I do find is a lot of repeats of Jackson's Greatest Hits shots.

0.02. Film logos floating through space! OK, that may be new to Jackson, but it's a direct steal from George Lucas's classic "paragraphs in space."

0.15. The character-study shot with a battle going on in the background.

0.24. The scene that looks like a matte, whether it actually is or not.

0.28. The helicopter shot over people walking across a mountain.

0.28, simultaneously. The Tolkienian lyrics set to the dreariest, gloomiest tune possible.

0.33. The dimly-lit majestic interior.

0.42. The foot shot.

0.48. The majestic interior that's gloomy even though it's full of gold.

0.57. The army that looks and moves as if it's made of tin soldiers.

1.03. The auto race.

1.06. The really badly-done CGI critters.

1.14.  The voice that echoes impressively even though there's no cause for it to echo.

1.16. The single-combat warrior.

1.19. The general exhorting his army from a height so far up they wouldn't be able to see him.

1.24. The appearance of a character who doesn't belong in this movie.

1.26. The ridiculous bridge.

1.32. The general exhorting his army in a voice so quiet they wouldn't be able to hear him.

It's true that The Lord of the Rings repeats much of the plot of The Hobbit, but I never get the feeling of "been there, done that" when reading the books. But that's all over this movie.
elisem July 29 2014, 12:03

I have some thoughts about that. I have some feelings about that too. Hmm.

I've been pondering an essay. It's not ripe yet. This one's about my reactions to being sympathetically wished the following: "Have a safe convention."

I maunder and flail about it a little bit here, in the comments of a thought-provoking post from lydy.

And as I said there,
"And goddamnit I wish Joanna Russ was alive because I want to hear what she would have to say about this."

Also as I said there,
"Also, I reserve the right to disagree vehemently with people who agree with me.

Just because I'm posting any one place? Doesn't mean I'm singing Kumbiyah with everybody else posting in that place, on every subject, either. Definitely including here.

Dammit, we used to have that as a basic axiom. What the fuck happened?

:stomps around, thumping cane*, muttering about good old days arguing fiercely TO BUILD STUFF:

* Nice cane, too. Gotten at the urging of my physical therapist, it sports vaguely unnerving cheerful flowers on a black background, and really ought to be called the Perky Goth model.

Anyhow. Go. Think. Feel. Use EVERYTHING. I think it's going to take everything, anyhow, and I want as many different approaches as possible, and there's an ominous background music suggesting some narrative collapse threatening our ability to do the work needed....

Ugh, deliquescing into keyboard flail again. Just, well, there's the link.
cbpotts July 29 2014, 12:01

Tuesday Morning, Thus Far

Goldsquare hit the nail right on the head when he talked about the paralysis of anger. I am a very angry woman; one of the things I'm currently angry about is I don't have the freedom to do the work I want to do in the way I feel it needs to be done. There's nothing to be done about this at the moment: when you have relatively small children, you can't just up and walk away and go wherever Story takes you. You can't get lost in the narrative and be gone, gone, gone until the tale is told. You can't put creature comforts on the back burner and lie to yourself that what is is enough, because there's a job to do. Other people do it, but those people don't mother the way I mother. In my world, your passion can't fuck up your progeny.

But not having your passion will fuck up your progeny too. I won't say I'm bitter, but if you slice my veins, angostura comes out. You can no more hide this from your kids than you can hide the fact the house you're trying to keep clean and tidy a la June Cleaver is actually burning down.

Competence - and I am dizzily good at what I do, considering I have neither training nor support in my endeavors (oops, bitter!) - is a piss poor substitute for doing what you're meant to. This is a realization some decades in the making; competence has its own thrill, but after you've climbed the mountain - well, there's only so long one gets off at looking at the clouds.

The paralysis is real; hours are taken by what has to be done so there's no time left for what has to be done. And yes, I am very angry that there's no viable expectation that I'll have any meaningful support through this endeavor; in fact, you'll be told how I have my dream job and also? no stress.

How do you fight paralysis? Well, you can find Jesus and have him tell you "Get up and walk!" and then you're golden; however, looking at the world, I think his attentions are much more needed elsewhere. So instead, you start moving again. A fingertip; the finger entire. Perhaps by the end of the year, a hand. All of this is necessary so when the kids are finally grown - we're 7 years and change out from freedom now, and counting, I won't be starting from a dead stop. I'll be able to move. Hell, I'll be able to fly.
las July 29 2014, 12:00

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jhetley July 29 2014, 11:32

My thoughts are gray and white and cloudy

Overcast early, sky clearing now.  Air temperature 65 F, dew point 61, light west wind.  The weather beans are projecting a few nice days ahead.  Bike ride looks possible, after the roads dry off.

Working up my nerve to start another completed manuscript through the Book View Cafe process, first step being a beta reader from the co-op.  This is the "detective noir with wizards" and doesn't tie into anything directly, except it's kinda sorta in the same world as POWERS. 

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